IgorShare Consulting provides design, implementation and support services for Enterprise Systems implemented both on Java and .Net and running on various xUnix and Windows platforms. We have a significant Operating Systems, Messaging and Database expertise.

Our core compentencies:

We extensively support the following platforms:

Please refer to the Services section for more information.

Services provided by IgorShare Consulting

We analyze your problem and suggest possible solutions.

We educate you on all the possibilities and work with you on choosing the one that fits your business.

We help you to make a correct decision on how to approach your problem.

We support you along the implementation of your solution.

In case you don't have a development team - we can help you to build one.

We're ready to step in at any stage of your project and resolve any blocking issue.

We'll be glad to allocate our own developers in case you don't have a development team or your team is not large enough.

Enterprise systems, S+S, SOA

Development Practices



  • Taking Spring to spin
  • Creating application - compositoin style (IOC)
  • JSP


  • MS Windows Internals
  • Device Drivers


  • Office integration and automation

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Igor Moochnick is a Principal of IgorShare Consulting company (www.igorshare.com). He has more than 18 years experience in development of cross-platform and cross-technology (.Net, Java) service-oriented Enterprise Systems for companies like Intel, AOL/ICQ and Symantec.

A specialist in cloud computing technologies like Amazon AWS and Azure, he is passionate about helping development teams improve development processes and produce better quality software. He speaks at community events, Code Camps, conferences and user groups.



Contact Us

E-mail: work@igorshare.com


Please call us during working hours:

Phone: (617) 942-1840

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. (EST)
Closed Saturday and Sunday